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Saturday, December 28, 2013

As you enter the morgue

How many times have I used that sentence? many times my friends...many times since 1985 when I first got my hands on CHILL then published by pacesetter.The rules were easy to understand that once you opened the box you were able to play within the hour of opening. I missed those games - Edward Fink ran by my friend John Karnay and Conner Mccloud ran by the great statesman Alan Kaltman. We ran chill from 1985 til 1999 when I left New York and started a new life with my wife. Jump ahead to present, I stumble upon the rebirth of pacesetter when I found ROTWORLD online. I was ecstatic and grabbed a copy quicker then my wife saying no. I loved the rules, but it still wasn't the same as chill.. it felt like a natural extension to the game I loved . Jumping ahead as a whim, I went back to the pacesetter site and what did I find? Crypt world! again I snagged up a pdf of the game and added it to my kindle. I am home... I feel the need to transpose my old chill campaign (I still have the 1st & 2nd edition) to this new version. One note - I was one of the few people who play tested the doomed 3rd edition. Which is now dead in the water and maybe its not a bad thing.
What should you find on this blog?

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