Chilldren of the Unknown: The Devil you say? – Sub horror genres in Crypt world part 1

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Devil you say? – Sub horror genres in Crypt world part 1

DEVIL flicks
The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s baby are all well-known examples of this sub-genre.  The main
antagonist in this genre is the lord of the nether regions, the lord of the flies... Satan or anyone of his minions. The pc’s know exactly where the evil is springing from. The Devil is evil incarnate, capable of exerting a direct influence upon the world of men. In this sub-genre, the pc’s allies are frequently killed off in a series of demonically created mysterious accidents, while the devil’s formidable band of earthly followers (secret cult that infiltrated the rest of the world) deals directly with the pcs. This is the only genre of horror, where the main “Big Bad” actually never comes into play – it would be a one sided game if you actually had the devil appear as an encounter.

Here are some ideas you can use if you wish to run a game in this sub-genre – mind you if you’re playing in this genre an average game cycle (Number of sessions) should be 2 to 4 – with each session just unveiling a little bit of what’s really going on. 

  1. Now & then throw in some biblical fact - in the exorcist movie they used the roman rites of exorcism and in the Omen they used the book of revelations. 
  2. Watch the exorcist! and then the omen (the original not the remake) <-- cannot be stressed as much
  3. be prepared to have a way out - This is actual a battle the pc's cannot and should not win. They can postpone it but cannot end it .
  4. Create some interesting NPCS - a hooker possessed is one thing, but a baby possessed is scarier.
            I hope this helps, if you have any questions - you can comment below or email me 

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