Chilldren of the Unknown: January 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Ghost Shark [ Cryptworld Movie Conversion ]

When a great white eats the potential catch of a fisherman, the fisherman and his daughter violently retaliate by sadistically torturing and killing the shark, whose corpse then sinks to the bottom of an underwater cave and is subsequently resurrected as a ghost shark due to the cave's unique properties. Now hungry for revenge, the ghost shark eats his killers along with the captain of their boat, eventually setting its sights on the rest of the local community in the seaside town of Harmony. Due to the great white's new spectral form, it can attack and kill anyone as long as there is even the smallest amount of water nearby, including swimming pools, baths and showers, puddles, rain, and even a cup of water, killing dozens of people in countless locations. With the mayor and local authorities unwilling to believe in such a state of events, Ava Conte , who is motivated to put an end to the specter after it devours her father and several friends, teams up with a local drunken sea captain named Finch , who claims to know the secrets to the shark's newfound form, to lay the creature to rest once and for  all

STR n/a                             WPR 93
DEX n/a                           PER110
AGL n/a                          PCN 85
STA n/a                          PWR 130
ATT 1/ 83%                   WND 0*
MV F 75 (incorporeal)

Experience 1000
Unsettling Powers : Excise living (rulebook page 62), Supernatural Bite (as supernatural touch see page 62 in rule boook)
Weakness : Can only manifest in,around or near a open water source

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Disembodied Brain [Original Cryptworld]

Disembodied Brain ( B.I.A.J )
[ Brain in a Jar ]
The brain in a jar is a masterpiece of preservation — but where mortuary preservatives leave off, the unexplained picks up. A disembodied brain is, in truth, an undead creature.
No one knows how or who creates them, but there seems to be one factor in common with each disembodied brain, That is the original owners of the brains were all extremely wealthy and were faced with a extreme disabling disease or handicap.
It is rumored, that months before the owner of the brain is to die, he/she is visited by a man dressed in all gray who for a price offers them eternal life. If they accept he comes back on the day of their natural death, removes the brain and places it inside a specially made vat. Moments later, the helpless person “wakes” to find out what he/she has become. This usually drives the poor victim insane which helps unleash the unsettling powers that the B.I.A.J is known to have.
A disembodied brain  weighs about 25 pounds, which includes the weight of the glass canister and the preservative fluids.
A disembodied brain can speak telepathically to any creature within 100 feet that has a language.

STR —                      WPR 6 (90)
DEX —                      PER 6 (90)
AGL —                     PCN 5 (75)
STA  1(15)*             PWR 150
ATT 1/ 3(45)%         WND 8**

Experience 600

Unsettling Powers

Base: 85
Willpower Cost: 45
Check: General
Time Required: 1 round
Range: 100 feet
Duration: Round of use
This talent allows a character to move objects by the power of his mind alone. He may move WPRx2
pounds with his mind at a rate of WPR feet per round, rounded to the nearest 5 (73 WPR would be 75 feet,
72 would be 70). An object may be moved to a distance of 100 feet. Only one object may be moved at a time, even if it is lighter than the user’s maximum pounds allowed. An object may be used as a bludgeon (but
considered as a missile attack), dealing damage on the unarmed combat results key if the object weighs less than 50 pounds, or on the armed results if it is over 50 pounds. A person may be lifted into the air
and dropped for normal falling damage.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vigil for 2 Children Mom Allegedly Killed in 'Exorcism'

NOTE : This posting is not to highlight the crime committed by these women, but to be used as a means to show that from any news source a idea for cryptworld can be created. - Tym

Stunned neighbors organized a vigil Saturday night in front of the house where two children were found stabbed to death in suburban Washington after their mother allegedly attempted an "exorcism."

The children's mother, Zakieya Latrice Avery, 28, and Monifa Denise Sanford, 21, were charged in connection to slayings that Montgomery County Police said resulted from the women's belief that they were "performing an exorcism" on the children.

Two other children found at the residence had minor injuries and were expected to be OK, authorities said.

The women were charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

ABC News' attempts to locate attorneys for the two accused women have been unsuccessful.

Stuffed animals, flowers, balloons and candles lined the sidewalk in front of the house Saturday night where the children were found. Neighbors and visitors huddled around the improvised memorial with candles.

One woman, an unidentified relative, was seen sobbing uncontrollably on the sidewalk in front of the house, according to ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Art from the Otherside

The Colt [Mysterious Object]

Back in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, same night those men died at the Alamo, they say Samuel Colt made a gun. A special gun. He made it for a hunter. A man like us, only on horseback. Story goes, he made thirteen bullets. This hunter used the gun a half dozen times before he disappeared, the gun along with him... Somehow Daniel got his hands on it. They say... they say this gun can kill anything.

Type   Range Modifier  Ammo  ROF   RL   Mounted Use?
Revolver      -07                   6        4      2*         Yes
Special Ability : Colt created this gun with one purpose and one purpose only to kill those creatures that would hunt god fearing folk,
In game terms any damage done by this weapon is shifted one level when determining damage
exanple : a S result becomes a L wound,etc.
A natural C result is special, if a C result is naturally rolled then the thing must make a sta ability check with a negative modifer = to the damage caused by the amount from the c result.
Failure = Instant Death to the creature
S result = damage x 4
L result = damage x 3
M result= damage x 2.5
H result = damage x 2
C result = damage x 1
That seems too powerful? well here is the kicker, without the special bullets the colt is just that a simple revolver. It is rumored that colt scattered a trove of bullets across the country when he was finished with the revolver

Reyes G. Moellendorf

Reyes G. Moellendorf
Penetration Bonus
Unskilled Melee

Current Statistics
Current Stamina
Current Willpower
Stamina Recovery
Stamina Loss/Rnd
Skill Name
Outdoor Survival

Evening of Terror [ Adventure Seeds ]

The Beast of South Mountain - reports are coming in of a creature being described as a "dinosaur like creature" encountered on the south mountain. The creature has been described as an animal with a long neck and tail which are characteristics of a sauropod dinosaur. Its body size is somewhere between the size of a hippopotamus and an elephant. Its length has been reported to be between 5 to 10 meters (16 to 32 feet). The length of the neck is between 1.6 to 3.3 meters (5 to 10 feet). The length of the tail is between 1.6 to 3.3 meters (5 to 10 feet). The latest eye witness was marcia grant,who with her dog shalome was hiking the south mountain trails when shalome got loose from her leash and ran off... Marcia chased after her dog,what happened next can only be taken as the rantings of a mad woman. "I ran up the trail and there it was, this massive creature with my poor shalome in it's mouth. It didnt\'t noticed me it slowly shaked its head and I heard a whimper and she was gone, it swallowed her whole!" She was found hours later near comatose in fright at the base of the sonoran trail.

Hook Thaggis [ CHill conversion to Cryptworld ]

The hook thaggis are smaller creatures,who for centuries,have lived in civilized areas,cleverly disguised as thier human neighbors.They hate and envy the humans around them for the ability to hold and manipulate things and this jealousy makes the Hook Thaggis a willing servitor for any powerful creature.
       In their natural form, the hook thaggis looks like a short man-like creature with wrinlked skin,bristly hair and giant staring red eyes. Each arm ends in a sharp edged horn hook,much like a claw or talon. The Hook Thaggis is able to use the hook as a weapon, but they prefer to use the hands they possess in human form, as this allows them to manipulate things. They possess only one unsettlling power and that is the ability to change self.
STR  3(45)     PCN  4(60)
DEX  3(45)     STA  4(60)
AGL  5(75)     PWR  110
WPR  8(120)    FEAR 4 [if the fear rules are used]
PER  4(60)     ATT 1,2 or 3/60%

MOVEMENT L 225' W 30'

Unsettling powers : Change Self
Experience 600

Friday, January 17, 2014

Art from the otherside

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Devil Fishmen [Deep Ones]

I think their predominant color was a greyish-green, though they had white bellies. They were mostly shiny and slippery, but the ridges of their backs were scaly. Their forms vaguely suggested the anthropoid, while their heads were the heads of fish, with prodigious bulging eyes that never closed. At the sides of their necks were palpitating gills, and their long paws were webbed. They hopped irregularly, sometimes on two legs and sometimes on four. I was somehow glad that they had no more than four limbs. Their croaking, baying voices, clearly used for articulate speech, held all the dark shades of expression which their staring faces lacked ... They were the blasphemous fish-frogs of the nameless design - living and horrible.
 Lovecraft describes the Deep Ones as a race of undersea-dwelling humanoids whose preferred habitat is deep in the ocean (hence their name). However, despite being primarily marine creatures, they can come to the surface and can survive on land for some time. All Deep Ones are immortal; none die except by accident or violence. They are said to serve the beings known as Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, as well as Cthulhu.They are opposed by mysterious beings known as the Old Gods, whose powerful magic can keep them in check.

STR: 5 (75)                               WPR: 4 (60)
DEX: 4 (60)                               PER: 2 (30)
AGL: 3 (45)                               PCN: 2 (30)
STA: 5 (75)                                PWR: 80
ATT: 1/60%                               WND: 15*
MV: L 75 W 150
Experience: 900
Unsettling powers

  •  Hound - A devil fishman [deep one] can locate and track its victim within a 5 mile radius of a natural body of water. cost = 10 wpr per usage, only one victim can be hounded at any time.A specific check is required to lock on the victim.
  • Summon Sharks - a devil fishman [deep one] has the ability to call forth sharks to come to its aid. There are qualifiers for this ability to work
         a. Sharks must be native to the area
         b, Sharks will still act with some degree of self preservation
         c, The cost depends on the type of shark (to be determined by the CM) - a good example would be 5 pts for a nurse shark to 15 for a great white.

Monsters and Mysteries in America

Monsters and Mysteries in America is an American reality television series that premiered March 24, 2013, on Destination America. Repeats air on the networks sister-station, the Discovery Channel.Unlike predecessors such as In Search Of... and MonsterQuest, the series includes numerous legends in each episode. Each episode is split into three segments, all focusing on one particual monster/legend/phenomenon. Each episode focuses on a specific region in the United States. co-founder, Rob Morphy, serves as a consultant and illustrator for the program.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ghost Story [Horror Movie Trailer - January]

The Urban Wendigo

“He cast a grim shadow 
through the busy street 
Said he was a junkie 
The Urban Wendigo is a modern day version of the dreaded wendigo from Native American folklore.
The Wendigo is a cannibalistic beast from Native American folklore and legend. It is the most feared of all monsters and spirits in Native American folklore and mythology. It is known to possess people and cause them to develop an unnatural hunger for human flesh, it becomes so ravenous according to legend it will resort to eating its own flesh.

The urban wendigo is a person who is possessed by the wendigo spirit either by a curse or by committing a cannibalistic act either for self preservation or for darker reasons. The first time they taste human flesh, they make themselves known to the wendigo who then influences the soon to be urban wendigo to consume more. Once down this path, the would be wendigo becomes addicted to the taste of human flesh to the extent that regular food no longer satisfies them. 
STR: 5 (75)                                      WPR: 3 (45)
DEX: 3 (45)                                      PER: 3 (45)
AGL: 6 (90)                                      PCN: 5 (75)
STA: 4 (45)                                      PWR: NA
ATT: 1/75%                                     WND: 12
MV: L 225
Experience: 750

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Zombie Tale

A piece of fiction by Timothy Goss

This is how the world will end.….
This is how the world will end.….
not with a bang, but a whim­per. — Author name unknown

I woke up and looked around my bar­ren room,it was dark and the blinds were closed tight block­ing the sun from enter­ing at all. I fum­bled out of bed and grabbed my lime green ipod and a smoke and headed out of my room. I slip the ipod on and crank up the vol­ume as Cheap Trick fills my ears,deafening the moans from out­side. I pull back the blinds and slide the glass door open and step onto my 2nd floor patio. On the ground below,they mass..a sea of rot­ting corpses glar­ing up at me with eyes the color of frozen meat grasp­ing upwards not real­iz­ing that I am beyond thier reach. I light my smoke and sit down on a lawn chair, it was one of a set that my wife pur­chased for us months before. I still have her’s setup and on the chair I have a pic­ture of her and our son. They were vis­it­ing fam­ily when the inci­dent hap­pened. My brother in law, being a cop made sure they got to a “safe” zone. They are safe and with fam­ily.. I am here alone,cause I had to work. Draw­ing deeply on the cig again, I reach behind me and grab a empty glass bot­tle and toss it at a name­less corpse below,shattering on impact the corpse looked around for a few sec­onds then resumed its mind­less grasp­ing.

It’s not that bad actu­ally, I have enough food for a few days here and some stored in the apart­ment next door. Access­ing the apart­ments on the sec­ond floor was sim­ple.. made a block­ade on the stairs which even the most nim­ple of per­son would have a hard­time with. The sound on my ipod began to dim.. I should recharge this soon.. I stand and make my way back to my bedroom..and slid back into bed.I woke up to a strange sound, my phone was actu­ally ringing..I grabbed the phone and clicked it on. “Hello?” I asked “This is the Par­adise vil­lage school dis­trict” the voice responded on the other end… I threw the phone across the room.. I hate auto­mated mes­sages! the phone broke as it smashed against the wall.. a few sec­onds later, it dawned on me.… if the auto­mated mes­sage came through that meant the phones were work­ing still! the dis­cov­ery turned to despair as I real­ized I broke my only work­ing phone.… I stood and stretched,an anger build­ing inside me.. I destroyed my only chance of mak­ing con­tact with the out­side world.I decided to go back to bed,sleep is my only activ­ity I have left.

I could barely sleep at all, I dreamt of my wife and son being ripped apart by a horde of rav­en­ous corpses,I could hear her scream as they removed her innards..its not like it is in the hor­ror movies, its a gur­gling sound a liq­uidy slop­ping sound. The images flash in my minds eye when I close my eyes,people run­ning in all direc­tions scream­ing as the panic & fear over­takes them. I find myself star­ing out from my patio as the day slowly becomes twi­light and still they mass below sham­ble to and fro glar­ing at if they were say­ing “soon.. you can­not last longer…soon you will be what we will be one of us, we have all the time in the you?”. My Ipod lost it’s charge hours ago and I have no real way of charg­ing son took his charger when he went with his mother. I light a smoke and look up at the sky and won­der, is this part of his plan? is this some sick test? as if he answered, I hear a thud against my door. I stand and make my way to the door, I press my eye against the peep hole and strain to see what made the noise.. It was my wife..or what was left of her.…her skin was ashen and her jaw was slacked. her lips were blood encrusted,as where her hands as she slammed them against the door. trem­bling, I reach for the lock remem­ber­ing what my brother in law said when he called “there was no time to save them” he I slamed down phone break­ing it.. The phone cut deep into my hand as it splintered..but the wound doesn’t bother me much… My wife is home…soon my son should be also..then we will be a fam­ily again.… as I turned the knob slowly I smiled as I said “wel­come home…I missed you”.… I threw my arms around my wife hug­ging her close I barely felt her teeth bite deep into my neck.…. then the world went dark.…
“reports came in today from Par­adise Vil­lage, were the police and the national guard dis­patched a horde of the undead. As the police searched the sur­round­ing homes, they came across one apart­ment with 3 zeds found within. They were sit­ting on the patio star­ing out.

Black Eyed Children

NOTE : This article can be found in its entirety at

Black-eyed children have but one consistent request, invite us in. Whatever you do, don't invite them into your home!
Sound like something from a horror movie? Well, it’s not. It’s as real as it gets. According to David Weatherly, a paranormal investigator and author, who has written a book called “Black Eyed Children,” incidents or visitations by these strange children are occurring worldwide. They have one simple request, they want to come in. They appear on doorsteps, at car windows, hotel rooms and even boats.Imagine this. You and your better half are on your way home after a late night out on the town. You pull into a convenience store, and you wait in the car while he runs in for something. You’re sitting there in the dark waiting for him to return when suddenly you get an inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of terror. You sit up a little straighter and glance toward the driver’s side window. There staring in at you are two children – but not just any children. These are “Black Eyed Children,” and they want to get into the car with you.
Weatherly says there are thousands of reported sightings of these Black Eyed Children. Sometimes they travel in pairs, sometimes in groups and sometimes you’ll see just one. They knock on doors and tap on windows all over the world, asking to be let in.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wolfram & Hart

"The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart" are the names of the members in an ancient trio of true demons. The group was at one point, before the dawn of human history, considered relatively insignificant, and was not regarded as a threat by the Old Ones. After humanity's triumph over the demons they remained, and slowly gained power and influence, eventually leaving this dimension altogether. In the present day on Earth they are referred to as the Senior Partners by their employees, and enact their will through various puppet organizations. One of the groups they command on Earth is the 'law firm' '"Wolfram & Hart"'.