Chilldren of the Unknown: Hook Thaggis [ CHill conversion to Cryptworld ]

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hook Thaggis [ CHill conversion to Cryptworld ]

The hook thaggis are smaller creatures,who for centuries,have lived in civilized areas,cleverly disguised as thier human neighbors.They hate and envy the humans around them for the ability to hold and manipulate things and this jealousy makes the Hook Thaggis a willing servitor for any powerful creature.
       In their natural form, the hook thaggis looks like a short man-like creature with wrinlked skin,bristly hair and giant staring red eyes. Each arm ends in a sharp edged horn hook,much like a claw or talon. The Hook Thaggis is able to use the hook as a weapon, but they prefer to use the hands they possess in human form, as this allows them to manipulate things. They possess only one unsettlling power and that is the ability to change self.
STR  3(45)     PCN  4(60)
DEX  3(45)     STA  4(60)
AGL  5(75)     PWR  110
WPR  8(120)    FEAR 4 [if the fear rules are used]
PER  4(60)     ATT 1,2 or 3/60%

MOVEMENT L 225' W 30'

Unsettling powers : Change Self
Experience 600

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