Chilldren of the Unknown: The Ghost Shark [ Cryptworld Movie Conversion ]

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Ghost Shark [ Cryptworld Movie Conversion ]

When a great white eats the potential catch of a fisherman, the fisherman and his daughter violently retaliate by sadistically torturing and killing the shark, whose corpse then sinks to the bottom of an underwater cave and is subsequently resurrected as a ghost shark due to the cave's unique properties. Now hungry for revenge, the ghost shark eats his killers along with the captain of their boat, eventually setting its sights on the rest of the local community in the seaside town of Harmony. Due to the great white's new spectral form, it can attack and kill anyone as long as there is even the smallest amount of water nearby, including swimming pools, baths and showers, puddles, rain, and even a cup of water, killing dozens of people in countless locations. With the mayor and local authorities unwilling to believe in such a state of events, Ava Conte , who is motivated to put an end to the specter after it devours her father and several friends, teams up with a local drunken sea captain named Finch , who claims to know the secrets to the shark's newfound form, to lay the creature to rest once and for  all

STR n/a                             WPR 93
DEX n/a                           PER110
AGL n/a                          PCN 85
STA n/a                          PWR 130
ATT 1/ 83%                   WND 0*
MV F 75 (incorporeal)

Experience 1000
Unsettling Powers : Excise living (rulebook page 62), Supernatural Bite (as supernatural touch see page 62 in rule boook)
Weakness : Can only manifest in,around or near a open water source

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