Chilldren of the Unknown: February 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Terror Dogs

Terror Dog
4 (60)
6 (90)
6 (90)
5 (75)
L 225  
Experience: 500
The Terror Dogs are a vicious breed of demonic hellhounds found in the Ghostbusters franchise, dating as far back as the original film.

Terror Dogs are large and bulky monsters vaguely resembling actual dogs but have horns and glowing red eyes as well as a degree of intelligence and can possess human beings as vessels. Although rarely seen, there seems to be more than one type of Terror Dog, with a much larger breed being briefly seen in the cartoon series.

Terror Dog  Powers

Possession: Works similar to Demonic Influence ( Cryptworld Page 58 ) 

Monday, February 24, 2014

In honor of a funny man

Born and raised in Chicago, the “SCTV” vet Ramis brought a hilarious combo of anarchy and apathy with him when he moved into movies in the late ’70s. His co-written screenplays for “Animal House” (1978), “Meatballs” (1979), “Caddyshack” (1980) and “Stripes” (1981) were great primers for Gen X guys on how to fight The Man with a lazy grin and a crazy goof.

An anti-authoritarian spirit also floated freely in Ramis and Dan Aykroyd's script for the blockbuster “Ghostbusters” (1984). There — just as when he played straight man to fellow Chicagoan Murray in “Stripes” — Ramis' ectoplasm-chasing Egon was the serious-faced one. However, that was merely the camouflage covert clowns showed to teachers or bosses. Murray’s character may have rallied the troops, but Ramis masterminded it all.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Torso - 13 Ghosts 2 of 12

The Torso
STR: NA                         WPR: 7 (105)
DEX: NA                         PER: 6 (90)
AGL: NA                         PCN: 6 (90)
STA: NA                          PWR: 130
ATT: 1/*                          WND: 0*
MV: F 75 (incorporeal)
Experience: 1,000
Ghost Powers
Excise Living
Supernatural Touch
Weakness: can be held at bay with ghost script engraved glass
The Torso is the ghost of a gambler called Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino. One day, he made a deal with a madman, Larry “The Finger” Vitello, and when he bet heavily on a boxing match and lost, he tried to slip out of town. The mob and the winning boxer, to whom he owed money, caught up with Gambino and cut him into several pieces, wrapping them in cellophane and dumping the corpse into the ocean. His ghost is just his torso, trying to walk around on its hands, while his head lies nearby screaming within the cellophane.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

13 Ghosts part 1

The First Born Son
STR: NA                   WPR: 7 (105)
DEX: NA                   PER: 6 (90)
AGL: NA                   PCN: 6 (90)
STA: NA                   PWR: 130
ATT: 1/*                   WND: 0*
MV: F 75 (incorporeal)

Experience: 1,000

Ghost Powers
  • Excise Living
  • Supernatural Touch
  • Weakness: can be held at bay with ghost script engraved glass or by spirit related spells.
The First Born Son is the ghost of Billy Michaels, a boy who loved cowboy films. One day, a neighbor found a real steel-tipped bow and arrow in his house and challenged Billy to a duel, with Billy using a toy gun. However, his plaything was no match for the arrow, and he died when the neighbor shot it through the back of his head. In death, Billy is in his cowboy suit, holding a tomahawk, with the arrow still protruding from his head. His ghost whispers "I want to play" or "play with me."

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adventure Ideas

On a anniversary of a loved one's death, the PC goes to the gravesite only to find that its been disturbed,
when he or she goes to file a complaint with the keeper of the cemetery the secretary, file clerk. is the person they went to mourn in the first place.
Possible plot twists
(a) The Caretaker is a Bokor who is using the cemetery as a breeding ground for his undead army.
(b) The Loved one wasn't dead at all, but in a coma and was saved at the last minute by the caretaker
(c) The secretary is a replica of the original

  • Child kidnapped during the winter of '63 is found wandering around the town square of his old hometown, he is fine and dandy with one exception he is the same age as he was when he was kidnapped.
  • the pc's come across a man who is raving about monsters...the monsters are everywhere...
  • something is killing livestock in the Arizona desert
  • Famed artist Jack McFarland is attacked in central park and loses a hand as a result, weeks later his assailant's) turn themselves in to the police after being attacked by a creature resembling a creation of the artist.
  • 2 crates supposedly containing the remains of Dracula and Frankenstein's monsters are stolen from a house of horrors exhibit and the pc's are asked to investigate.
  • One of the PCs comes across a woman in white walking down a major roadway barefoot, when she is offered any help she screams and reveals her true form of a undead corpse and attacks.
  • while driving back from their last adventure, the pcs come across a battered van with the license plate "beatingu" parked outside of a deserted church.
  • The host of a local "talk with the dead" format show becomes possessed with the spirit of Hazzau, the demon guardian of the dead.



STR: 6 (90)     WPR: 3 (45)
DEX: NA       PER: NA
AGL: 5 (75)    PCN: 5 (75)
STA: 5 (75)    PWR: N/A
ATT: 1/45%    WND: 15
MV: L 20 F 450
The Thunderbird is ingrained in North American Indian legend, said to bring thunder with one mighty flap of
its wings and lighting with the blink of an eye. Modern reports of the Thunderbird come from various places in the North America, a large number of these sightings take place in the central states and as far north as Pennsylvania. Mark A. Hall, a leading investigator of the Thunderbird, gives the following descript of the creature based upon numerous eye witness testimonials.
"The bird is distinguished by its size and lifting capabilities exceeding those of any known bird living today anywhere in the world. Wingspan estimates are necessarily all guesswork. But observers sometimes have had the benefit of a measurable object for comparison or the benefit of time to observe a resting bird. The results most often provide sizes of 15 to 20 feet. The bird at rest or on the ground appears to be four to eight feet tall. Typically the coloring of the birds overall is dark."

One of the most controversial eye witness reports of the Thunderbird’s ability to lift a human off the ground comes from Lawndale, Illinois. On July 25th, 1977, around 9 pm a group of three boys where playing in a friends backyard when they looked up to see two large birds soaring above. As the birds came closer they became aggressive and attacked the boys, two of which managed to escape, however the third boy, Marlon Lowe, did not. One of the birds clamped onto Marlon’s shoulder with its claws and proceed to lift the young boy from the ground for an estimated distance of about 30 yards. The young boy’s cries for help attracted the attention of the near by neighbors who rushed to his aid, combined with their help and the boy beating the bird as hard as he could, Marlon was finally released. Although viewed by some as a tale tail, the description given by witnesses of the attaching birds describe a large black bird, with a white ring around its neck and a wingspan of about 10 feet, traits that match the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) almost exactly.