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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adventure Ideas

On a anniversary of a loved one's death, the PC goes to the gravesite only to find that its been disturbed,
when he or she goes to file a complaint with the keeper of the cemetery the secretary, file clerk. is the person they went to mourn in the first place.
Possible plot twists
(a) The Caretaker is a Bokor who is using the cemetery as a breeding ground for his undead army.
(b) The Loved one wasn't dead at all, but in a coma and was saved at the last minute by the caretaker
(c) The secretary is a replica of the original

  • Child kidnapped during the winter of '63 is found wandering around the town square of his old hometown, he is fine and dandy with one exception he is the same age as he was when he was kidnapped.
  • the pc's come across a man who is raving about monsters...the monsters are everywhere...
  • something is killing livestock in the Arizona desert
  • Famed artist Jack McFarland is attacked in central park and loses a hand as a result, weeks later his assailant's) turn themselves in to the police after being attacked by a creature resembling a creation of the artist.
  • 2 crates supposedly containing the remains of Dracula and Frankenstein's monsters are stolen from a house of horrors exhibit and the pc's are asked to investigate.
  • One of the PCs comes across a woman in white walking down a major roadway barefoot, when she is offered any help she screams and reveals her true form of a undead corpse and attacks.
  • while driving back from their last adventure, the pcs come across a battered van with the license plate "beatingu" parked outside of a deserted church.
  • The host of a local "talk with the dead" format show becomes possessed with the spirit of Hazzau, the demon guardian of the dead.

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