Chilldren of the Unknown: Roll of the Dice - 4/1/2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roll of the Dice - 4/1/2014

There is a wind of change that is sweeping the gamer nation and its the OLD SCHOOL thought process. I for one, is for this change to happen. This isn't the hobby I knew and loved for so many years.hell, the system I first started with (ADnD) has been basterized by money grubbing fools who think change is good. Gygax would roll over in his grave if he could see what happened to the game he created. Now, back to my OLD SCHOOL rant - companies like Goblinoid games, who brought back the pacesetter system deserves the support of everyone - they are trying to make gaming fun again.So what I would like is go to and check out the pacesetter system and while your there check out the OSR products they offer - they contain the feeling of the first edition ADND set more then the latest WOTC products could offer.But, what about the new Dungeons & Dragons edition? isn't that old school ? Or what about the reprints of the first edition that was released in a megaexpensive set? not good enough...Its time we hold those who want our money accountable and realize that the fan base has a bigger say then a megacorporation backed company such as wizards of the coast.When I started to rpg back in 1979-80 the original set was about $20.00 per book give or take depending on where you purchased the book.Thats all we needed was 3 books, the players handbook, the Dungeon master guide and the monster manual. Everything else came from our imagination, which we as a whole lost somewhere down the line in this hobby.When it takes someone like Tim Snyder who has in my honest opinion a awesome blog titled The Savage AfterWorld [ The URL is ]so after you read this rant go ahead and check out his site.. well enough ranting for now - peace to all, Tim

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