Chilldren of the Unknown: Khan Worm

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Khan Worm

Khan Worm
STR: NA/*                    WPR: NA
DEX: NA                       PER: 3(45)
AGL: 1(10)                   PCN: 3(45)
STA: 1(05)/**             PWR: NA
ATT: 0                           WND: 1/**
MV: L 1'    F 000   W 000
* = victim's strength + increase
** = Victims attribute only when inhabitating the victim
Powers and Abilities
Increase the strength of the host bodies they possess.
Roll 1d10 this is the row to use then roll 1d100 to determine result
Result                Strength Increase
S                            +5
L                            +10
M                          +15
H                           +20
C                           +25
Can reanimate a host bodies corpse if it has been killed.
Can control their victims' actions and access their memories once it has entered their body through the ear.
Electrocution - A current of electricity can stun or kill a Khan Worm depending on its intensity and duration.
The Khan worm is a monster newly created by Eve after she is released from Purgatory. Although it looks like a cross between a simple slug and a centipede, it is a self-aware, intelligent parasite that can enter a person's ear and take control over their actions as well as access their memories. After it leaves its host's body, a black, gooey substance is deposited in the person's ear.
Experience: 250

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