Chilldren of the Unknown: January 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BATS! BATS! it had to be BATS!

Bat rabies infected
STR: 1 (15)      WPR: 1 (15)
DEX: NA         PER: NA
AGL: 3 (45)      PCN: 2 (30)
STA: 1 (15)      PWR: NA
ATT: 1/30%     WND: 1
MV: L 5 F 150
Experience: 100
Bats are nocturnal flying mammals. There are many types of bats, and they are one of the leading
animals that transmit rabies to humans. Bats infected with rabies are more aggressive then a normal non infected bat. Prior statistics found in the crypt world rule book may be used for the non-infected bat...
Rabies Infected Bats Unsettling Abilities
Infection: There is a 50% chance that anyone bitten by a infected bat is exposed to rabies and must
complete the Milwaukee protocol for treatment or succumb to the disease. The CM may choose or roll
1d10 for the potency of the disease (see the rules in disease)