Sunday, December 26, 2021

Arnold Paole

The account of Arnold Paole begins in 1727 when the Serbian soldier returned home from war to settle down. People around him reportedly noticed that he seemed subdued, and he finally admitted that he believed he had been attacked by a vampire while he was in the army. He claimed to have tracked and killed the vampire but feared he was already tainted. It appears that Paole died a short time later and people began reporting sightings of him about three weeks after his death. The account goes on to state that his body was exhumed, and it appeared that new skin was growing beneath the dead skin on top. His body was staked and he reportedly groaned in pain. His head was then removed, and his body was burned.

Arnold Paole

EWS: 75 (Notable) REF: 70 STA: 90
Injury: Superficial, Minor –10, Serious –20, Major –30,
Critical –50, Lethal
Disciplines: Sleep, Change Form ( Large dog, Butterfly )
Aspects: Bane (crosses, Tumeric, wolfsbane),
Deadly Attack (Serious Injury), Parasitic, Special Weakness (sunlight, wood),
Specialization (weapon +20), Supernatural Speed, Sustenance, Unliving

Sustenance: like Carpathian vampires, Arnold Paole must drink the blood of a living human or animal every night in order to survive. They need only inflict a Minor
Injury with their bite in order to be satisfied. Every night that goes by without feeding inflicts an Injury (beginning with Minor and escalating every day at sunrise). If the vampire reaches Lethal Injury from starvation, it becomes inert and will not revive unless human blood is spilled on its mouth.

Special Weakness (sunlight): Arnold Paole dies if he is exposed to sunlight for at least one minute.

Special Weakness (wood): Arnold Paole suffers STA loss normally, but does not suffer Injury penalties or Lethal Injury. If reduced to zero STA, the vampire immediately uses Change Form to turn into a Butterfly and flees. It then regenerates all Stamina and heals any Injuries over the next 24 hours. If an envoy pierces Arnold Paole’s heart with a wooden stake, it is immobilized and cannot move. At that point, the vampire can be killed by cutting off its head and stuffing turmeric in its mouth, burning it to ash then the envoy must mix the ashes with communion wine and sprinkle the liquid in a consecrated grave.

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