Chilldren of the Unknown: When there is no more room in hell

Monday, December 27, 2021

When there is no more room in hell

The George Romero Zombie (Chill 3rd edition)

The zombies in Romero’s films are your slow lumbering zombie who one on one poses no threat but they normally attack en mass.

In Romero’s series, anyone who died during the zombie apocalypse, no matter whether bitten/exposed by other zombies, would turn into a zombie themselves. The one and only thing that would prevent a human to turn into a zombie upon death/dying are either massive brain trauma (such as a gunshot wound to the head) or having their brain incapacitated post-mortem. No Romero film has definitively revealed the cause of reanimation, but several have featured characters speculating on possible causes, including radiation from a NASA probe, divine intervention, and viral infection. The length of time between death and reanimation seems to vary, but in most instances, it is only a few minutes.

If a character is bitten by a zombie, they will become violently ill and die within three days. The interim till death seems to be dependent on the location and degree of the bite (meaning that bites on or near major arteries or veins will spread the infection much faster than small bites or scratches). Multiple bite wounds will cause the infection to spread all the faster. Also, massive blood loss caused by one of these bites will speed the death of the victim.

George Romero Zombies – Dawn of the dead 1978 version

EWS: 50  (Common)  REF: 50   STA: 55
Injury: Lethal
Disciplines: None
Aspects: Deadly Attack (Minor Injury), Expendable,
Invulnerable, Special Weakness (head), Infectious
Unfeeling, Unliving

Special (Infectious): Those bitten by a zombie will sicken and die only to reanimate as a zombie.

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