Chilldren of the Unknown: The Snow Beast for Cryptworld

Sunday, February 19, 2023

The Snow Beast for Cryptworld

Snow Beast

STR: 9 (135)

WPR: 6 (90)

DEX: 6 (90)

PER: 5 (75)

AGL: 5 (75)

PCN: 4 (60)

STA: 7 (105)

PWR: 120

ATT: 1/103%

WND: 18

MV: L 200


Experience: 750

There are many hypotheses about the true nature of the snow beast which range from them being a corrupted nature spirit seeking vengeance for how nature is being treated to an interdimensional creature.

The truth is they are the result of a native American shaman who was cursed when he/she resorted to eating the flesh of another person while in the deep woods. Some think that a snow beast is a lesser type of wendigo.

a snow beast attacks with its huge clawed hands.

Snow Beast abilities

Environmental Blending 

This ability allows the snow beast to pass through woods and other natural environments without leaving a trace behind (footprints, hair, etc.). In addition, while the power is in effect, they blend into their environment

Chilling conditions

This effect can be used to either drop the ambient temperate within a 500’radius by 1d10 degrees Fahrenheit per round. Temperature change is cumulative, and ultimate temperature adjustment depends on how many of continuous use is employed. After the power is used, the temperature will adjust toward the normal ambient temperature by 1 degree per minute.

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