Chilldren of the Unknown: About


Born and raised on Long Island, in a small sleepy town known as Bethpage. Spent majority of his life following his parents up and down the east coast with his two brothers. Moved back to Long Island at the age of 15, became fascinated with Horror inspired fiction and artwork. It was at his grandmother’s house he started to be inspired by what he considers the dark side of the world. His imagination running amok, he turned his attention at that time to RPGs (he played since 1980) and found his calling as the gamemaster for Chill and Call of Cthulhu. He was introduced to the joy of painting by his father and graphic arts by his older brother. It was a faithful night in October, after a season thunderstorm he started to put his ideas to paper, forsaking traditional art for the Horror Genre that he was always drawn to. Now, an adult he lives in Arizona with his beloved wife and son. When not working he can be found working on artwork, he can be found taking care of his love of his life; his wife Jill or just being the weird wonderful person, he is.
He started playing Chill back in 1986, when for his 16th birthday his grandmother (again with the grandmother) purchased his first box set. He ran a campaign that lasted from 1986 to 1999 when he left his group to pursue the finer things in life (the wifey).
He is currently the webmaster for the CHILLdren of the unknown blogsite, which is dedicated to all incarnations of CHILL rules and the pacesetter redux of chill, called cryptworld.